Apple pie

Ingredients (4 people):

 1 rectangular puff pastry sheet
 4 large apples (6 or 7 if they are small)
 30 g of butter
 2 tablespoons of sugar, Apricot / fig jam
 flour to stretch the puff pastry
 mint leaves, raspberries, cinnamon.

Remove the cores from the apples, peel and cut them into thin slices. Be careful not to break when cutting.

Cut a piece of parchment paper and on it, unscrew the puff pastry, sprinkle it with a little flour and roll it out a little with a rolling pin. Also be very careful not to break it.

Place it (on the paper) on a baking tray, and pierce it with a fork in the central part (so that the puff pastry does not rise in this part) leaving the edges without puncturing.

Cover the puff pastry with the apple slices, leaving the edges free.

Cut the butter into small pieces and spread them over the apples. Sprinkle the apples with the sugar.

Bake (preheated oven) the cake at 180 (360 F) -190ºC (374F) for 30 minutes. Then check to see if it is toasted and if it does not add 10 minutes, until the desired result is obtained.

Remove the cake from the oven and spread the surface with the jam from … Some people use apricot, I love figs and I add a little sprinkled cinnamon.

Cut into portions and serve. You can garnish the dishes with some mint leaves or raspberries…

This cake can be eaten hot or cold, I love it fresh out of the oven … and you can also add a scoop of ice cream.

I hope you like it! Delicious!