Maybe we should stop and think…
What is really Christmas?

The reason for this arrival…
What grows in us in that time?
Or what should grow…?

Christmas is not just time for forced meetings,
of false congratulations
or vague words…

Christmas has to be the reunion of people,
who long for, love and miss each other,
that are sought and found…

Time to open up unreasonable,
wrap wounds and grudges,
look for the origin of this sad manger,
to follow the Star,
that may lie in those cold hearts …

Christmas is should be every day,
every act,
every detail,
the happy smile who feels,
loved and loving …

Who does not forget on the road,
to whom comforted you and listened you…

Let’s not close our inn,
to whom our salvation will be…

Let’s go and adore the Child,
because our God will be born tonight.