Sí, mi amor, esto es para tí, y esto es amor…

Porque cada amanecer sólo deseo reflejarme
en las aguas verdes de tus ojos de huída.

Porque cada noche te busco,
te hallo, te encuentro,
como río sediento que corre sin orilla. Continue reading “Amor”


Yes, my love, this is for you, and this is Love…

Because every sunrise, I only want to reflect myself
in the green waters of your eyes of hoar.

Because every night, I look for you,
I find you, I discover you,
like a thirsty river that runs without a shore. Continue reading “Love”


They guide us…
through these uncertain paths,
of spikes and sharp stones,
that leave nothing but cruel footprint…

Constant examples,
of immersed experiences,
in constant challenges
of bitterness and gall…

Torches of life,
skinless shields… Continue reading “Torches”

My love

I could write the most beautiful poem in the world…
but still, I could never express how much I feel for you…

You came to my life by surprise,
like that April rain, which approach slowly, but intensely…
that seeps you through deep…with fresh drops of indigo…

You filled this empty heart of life,
joy and all the love that is possible to feel… Continue reading “My love”