I want to thank my God on such a beautiful day as today because He sent to the world the most wonderful rose in his garden.

Leafless by the winds of time but always firm and beautiful in the face of adversity.

SHE taught me to have courage, to fight against the cravings of fate and above all not to cry… not to do it for anything that I did not deserve, but if I needed to, to curl up in her arms and wipe my tears there. Continue reading “SHE”


They guide us…
through these uncertain paths,
of spikes and sharp stones,
that leave nothing but cruel footprint…

Constant examples,
of immersed experiences,
in constant challenges
of bitterness and gall…

Torches of life,
skinless shields… Continue reading “Torches”

My love

I could write the most beautiful poem in the world…
but still, I could never express how much I feel for you…

You came to my life by surprise,
like that April rain, which approach slowly, but intensely…
that seeps you through deep…with fresh drops of indigo…

You filled this empty heart of life,
joy and all the love that is possible to feel… Continue reading “My love”


Lives… Empty or incomplete… Without grace or without lifeguards… Absurd or farce… Sensible or sincere… Disparate or prudent… Moderate or scattered… Coherent or excellent… Different or … Continue reading Lives