Thanks to Life

Shadows that wrap,
flattery that numbs,
stars that clink,
in a vault exhausted from waiting…

Today,  I woke up from my nap,
without too much grace,
without any calm,
without a nice story to tell…

Today, they did not know if they love me,
if we would continue together,
or if they would decide to give up…

Tomorrow, is the big day,
where they will choose…
if I have a future,
or if I must depart…

Today, I have had an answer,
it is a yes to life,
and however I will arrive,
they will love me without ceasing…

Tomorrow, I will reach your world,
of fears and anguishes,
but also of tears of joy to wipe…

I promise to fill your lives,
heal your wounds,
and allow you to dream again…

Thank you for life and its great opportunity.


(Dedicated to all those people with Down Syndrome that fill this world with Tenderness,Love and Peace, Thank you!)