First snow

It teaches us,
that everything can be relieved,
that all can be achieved,
and that we shouldn’t be deceived…

That life is not so white,
so cold, or so empty,
as we have always believed…

What is important is not
how much it falls,
neither when, nor how it was,
what matters is the fire,
that encourages us to admire…

Snow foresees us to face
the icy winds of the veiled truth,
of the absurd cheat,
and the twisted defeat…

Snow from deep wounds,
of sincere offences,
of uncertain sleets…

Snow of eternal solitude,
from uncontrolled wild,
or from the arrogant riled…

Snow of indulgent gallants,
or despised talents…

Snow, first snow,
that sail seas of restlessness,
until reaching the souls of prowess,
and it prepares us to not be downed.